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Lasher Tools

To manufacturing high volumes of a variety of over 1000 hand tools serving the mining, construction, agriculture, forestry, gardening and DIY industries.

Give your customers complete confidence in their hand tools – to shape skylines, grow gardens or tackle DIY tasks.

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Premium Quality Coffee

At DIALIBATOU, we firmly believe in the empowerment of women. By working withus, you support our commitment to gender equality and social justice. Through our partnership with WEFUND and our expertise in high-quality coffee roasting, we are able to offer innovative, environmentally friendly products that meet the strictest standards. We are condent that our distinctly local brand and the unmatched quality of our products will perfectly meet your expectations.

We invite you to immerse yourself in our world where passion, commitment, andquality come together in every cup of DIALIBATOU coffee. Discover the excellence ofSenegalese coffee, savor unique flavors, and join us in our commitment to a more equal and just world.

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Car Spares

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